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LetterWriter - Letters Created for Success

202 Letters That Will Turn Your Computer Into a Cash Machine

LetterWriter is an automated program of prospecting and follow-up letters that work with Mark-It Advantage to help you stay in touch with customers and clients the easy way!

Isn't it about time you figured out what to send your customers and clients?

The conversational tone of these letters makes them readable and friendly. Your customers and clients actually look forward to hearing from you.

Because the letters install automatically on your computer, you don't have to write them. You don't have to type them. You just have to send them.

Save time, increase referrals and take time off to enjoy your new profits from LetterWriter.

You get 202 letters, including:

1. Seven Year Follow Up: Welcome each buyer into their new home after one month. Be in touch with them every month for 84 months. You'll ask for a referral, nicely, three times a year.

2. PR Campaigns - Holidays: To your neighbors, your geographic farm, your customer list and almost anyone, you will send holiday greetings.

3. Letters to Buyers: From the buyers first call through the closing, you can respond with a letter. Every step of the buying process is covered. Perfect for out of town buyers.

4. Letters to Sellers: The majority of sellers want a sale. Until that time, they crave attention and communication. Using your computer and LetterWriter, you'll be ready and in touch every step of the way.

5. For Sale By Owner: If you're not calling on FSBO's, you can still prospect for their business - without rejection! Use these letters and your computer, then wait for the phone to ring!

6. Letters to Tenants: Cash in on the desire of Americans to move up to a home of their own. Give them your best by reaching out with a letter every week. They are moving sometime, aren't they?

7. Letters to Expired Listings: Send one letter every third day, for a month, and you'll be positioning yourself as their agent of choice. Frustrated sellers will value your message of hope and your professional follow-up. One agent got dozens of extra transactions by sending these letters and never calling!

8. Referral Letters: Don't lose the buyers AND the referral source. Build upon your referral base with a system of ten letters to stay in touch. You would like more referrals, wouldn't you?


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