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  • What makes it so special?
    • Most people send emails that are plain text with attachments.  Since attachments are known for spreading viruses, people don't usually open them.  Using HTML email, the eFlyer allows you to send fancy emails that DO NOT use attachments and the person receiving the email can see the eFlyer right in the email message area. 
    • If you currently design printed flyers and mail them to others, eFlyers will save you time and money.  Our pre-designed templates are easily selected and the images can be place on our servers in seconds.  Once you have the images on the server, simply right click on the image template and select your photo - It's that easy!
    • Mass-Email your eFlyers in less time - If you are currently sending emails that have photo attachments or listing details as images or Acrobat files, you will find that you can send eFlyers in a fraction of the time.
    • Click HERE to see a Screen Shot

  • How does it work?
    • We have designed a special software package that allows you to easily place images on the Internet and use them inside the email.   The images are hosted on our High Speed servers so that they can be quickly accessed by more people.  
    • By placing the images on the Internet, you no longer send your photo's with each email.  This allows you to quickly send/receive emails.
    • Show me how to use it (it make take about 30-40 seconds to load this Viewlet)

  • What does it mean to 'Host Images'?

    When you save an image to the Internet, it is 'Hosted' on a server.  Our servers have been specially designed to allow easy access for the user.

  • Who can send eFlyers?
    • Sending an eFlyer requires you to have Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Mark-It Advantage.
    • AOL Users CAN NOT SEND eFlyers at this time.

  • Who can view eFlyers?

    Anyone that can read HTML emails.  This includes people using: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Hot Mail, Yahoo!, AOL 6.0 or Higher, CompuServe 6.0 or Higher, Netscape, Eudora and many more.  As you can see, there are lots of HTML email programs out there that can view the eFlyers, they just don't have the ability to SEND HTML email.

  • Why can't I use my own web site to host images?

    In order to make the process easy and turn-key we have designed our Internet servers to handle the images in a special way that prevents us from using other servers.

  • What does it Cost?  
    The cost of eFlyers is in two parts (Software and Hosting - Both are required for eFlyers to work)


    • If you are a Mark-It Advantage user on the annual support  plan, the software is FREE.
    • Non Mark-It Advantage users (Outlook 2000 or Outlook Express Users) or Mark-It Advantage users that are not on the annual support can purchase the software for $149.00.

    IMAGE HOSTING: (You select: Monthly or Annually)

    • Monthly Cost of Image Hosting is $14.95 / month   or
    • Persons paying annually can save with our $120.00 / year plan.

  • How do I receive the software?
    • When you order your eFlyers software, we will send you an email containing a registration link.  After you register the eFlyers software, you will receive a link to download the software.
    • If you have High-Speed Internet connections it will take 10 minutes or less to download.
    • If you do not have High-Speed Internet connections then we can send you a CD-ROM for only $10.00 to save you the 1-2 hour download time.  Put a comment in the order if you want to receive a CD-ROM or Call our office.

  • How is an eFlyer different than eStationery

    eStationery and eFlyers are both HTML emails and they are both sent using the same methods.  The main difference is that eFlyers has several flyer templates that allow the user to place additional photos like house photos or product images on the Internet.  You are able to modify the eFlyer designs yourself where eStationery is a single design that we modify and used for day-to-day correspondence.   The other difference is in the Monthly/Annual hosting of image on eFlyers.

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