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Contact Database

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In The News!
February 2003


Get the most out of your computer by entering all the information about all your contacts into one relational database. 

Advantage Xi will track contact names, mailing addresses, unlimited phone numbers and emails, categorized notes for easy searching, employment Information on both the primary and secondary contact, personal referrals and lifetime value, unlimited photos, external documents like Microsoft Word, eFAX and Adobe Acrobat Files, Demographical Information like Hobbies and Favorite Foods, Birthdays and Anniversaries of each person in the household.  

The relational features of this system allow you to use our connections tab to connect family members to each other or employees to their company records.

Use Skype to dial your phone with a touch of a button.


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Audio/Video Tutorial


Unlimited Entries Per Contact for:
   o HTML (Rich Content) Notes.
   o Phone and Email Addresses.
   o Photos.
   o External Documents.
   o Calendar Items & Task Series.
   o Storage of Emails.
   o Classifications.   
   o Inbound/Outbound Referrals with Tree. 
   o Family Members and Birthdays.
Enter/Search by Demographic information (Likes/Dislikes)
Lead Source / Result Tracking
Customizable Contact Reports/Graphs.
Mail Merge with our Internal Word Processor or Microsoft Word.
Sync Database with Other Computers on your Local Network
Sync Database with Other Computers over the Internet
Network Ready with Field Level Replication
Advanced Search Criteria with Save Features.
Quick Pick Search Criteria.
Customizable Browse List of Fields.
Browse List Column Sorting.
Quick Pick Reports, Labels, Envelopes, Reports, Cards and Letters.
User Definable Screens & Fields.
Direction Mapping with Yahoo Mapping.
Property Information (Real Estate Module).
Loan Information (Lender Module).
Title Work (Title Reps Module)
Insurance Coverage (Insurance Module)

Built-In Email

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The Advantage Xi email module has all the features of most email systems plus a few more like auto-sorting emails into contact records,  automatically import contacts from your website using message rules, schedule emails to be sent automatically using the calendar task series.  When phone numbers are included in the email message, simply highlight the phone number and click to call using Skype.

Tired of sending plain text emails to your contacts?  Use the integrated email system to send and receive emails that use eStationery, eFlyers, or ePostcards.  Design your own email contact series to project a professional look with logos, pictures, live links and signatures.  Setup the email program to automatically sort emails to/from contacts into their database record for record keeping.  Emails can be saved and used in task series from the calendar or auto-replies to email inquiries.

Create flyers that you send via email and display in the message area using the Advantage Xi eFlyers editor.  Quickly create HTML property or open house flyers and send them to the top agents in your area.  There are several pre-designed templates for Property Flyers, Open House Flyers, Calendars, Newsletters, and Certificates.


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Tutorial on using eStationery
with Advantage Xi Email


Unlimited Mail Accounts.
Unlimited Stationery Templates.
Unlimited Email Signatures.
XML / V-Card Data Transfer to Other Systems.
Send/Receive Both Text and HTML Messages.
Automatic Client Sorting.
Quick Click Email Addressing.
Address Emails By Classifications.
Insert Stationery / eStationery Into Reply Emails.
Send eFlyer formatted emails to all contacts.
Send V-Card information to your Business Alliance members and clients.
Content Checking Email Rules To:
   o Move to Folders.
   o Email / XML Data Import.
   o Auto-Reply With Saved Documents.
   o Run a Program.
   o Forward Message.
   o Color Change.
   o Start Task Series.
   o Auto Delete.



Word Processing

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Once you have your contact names organized in your database, you can print customized letters using our built in word processor.  The Advantage Xi word processor allows you to build standardized letters that include merge fields that will automatically insert your contact information into the letter.

Users that have eStationery can use Advantage Xi to mail merge word processing letters into the eStationery before emailing it to your contacts.  Automatically send high impact letters via email on a timed basis using task series in the calendar.   A recent feature allows the system to send scheduled emails automatically. 


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HTML Email capable with Mail Merge.
Individual / Group Printing on Mail Merge.
Quick Pick Merge Fields From Tool Bar.
Reads & Writes Microsoft Word Documents.
WYSIWYG display with Zoom & Preview.
Stores the Default Email Subject.
255,000 Word Spell Checker with Thesaurus.
Mass-Email Documents with Mail Merge.
Microsoft Word Integration.



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After your names are entered and your letters are typed or converted, you can setup automated task series to let Advantage Xi remind you to contact the people in your database. Then with one click of a button you can have the system print letters, cards, envelopes, labels and reports when they are due.  Advantage Xi finds the correct contact and the pre-selected letter and merges them together then prints it out for you. 

The task series can also be connected to email message rules to automatically schedule events when contacts send you emails. 

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Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Views
Add Unlimited Numbers of Appointments, To Do's,
   Phone Calls, Send Email, Print Documents, Print Reports,
   Labels, Cards and More.
Multiple Recurring Action Methods.
Drag/Drop events and tasks
Unlimited Task Series:
   o Allows Multiple Starting Dates per Series.
   o Flexible Dates Based on the Completion of Prior Tasks
   o Quick Click Summary View with Graphs
   o Database Search Integration.
   o Plus Much More...



List of Lists

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List of lists is a small database module that allows you to organize your thoughts and create lists of categorized items.  Each list is broken down by a category or group name.  Each group can have an unlimited number of items associated with it.  Each item is given a description, goal date, completed date, importance, order and multiple line notes.  Keep track of things you need to get a the store, the "100 things to do before I die", or items in a check list of things that need to be completed for before closing a deal.  You can then include the check list of items in an email or word processing document.  Click HERE To  See Larger View


Keep track of thoughts and ideas.
'Top 10' Lists.
Set Goal Dates and Track Completed Dates.
Unlimited Number of List Groups.
Unlimited Number of List Items per Group.





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Advantage Xi has over 50 pre-designed flyer templates and each template can use different background and colors giving your hundreds of different designs.  Simply fill in the basic text that you want on your flyer and change your font colors and sizes as needed.  Select your photos and Advantage Xi will generate a flyer in seconds using the selected template. 

All templates are editable so you can make changes to an existing template or create one from scratch.  The desktop publisher allows you to add text, lines, rectangles, circles, photos, graphs and charts and objects from other programs.


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Template Based Flyer Design
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Designer.
Word Processor Like Font Editing.
Load / Save Content.
255,000 Word Spell Checker.
Multiple Photo Designs
Background Image Selection.
Quick Pick of Common Designs.
Export flyers to PDF and Image Formats (BMP, JPG)


Use the PhoneLink Module to display a list contacts with that Caller ID
Unattended Email Sending using Windows Task Scheduler
Allow other Advantage Xi users to receive a 'copy' of selected groups of names from the Internet
Setup Local Area Network or Internet Sync using Windows Task Scheduler
Cross-Reference names with National 'Do Not Call' List
Burn CD Backups in 1 Step (New module allows Advantage Xi to burn CD-ROM Disks) interface for postage and shipping
Import Data From Multiple Sources:
   Comma Seperated Files (TXT,CSV)
   Dbase, FoxPro (*.DBF)
   Outlook (Contacts and Calendar)
   Palm (Address Book / Datebook)
   CalyxPoint (Lender Module)
   FNMA (Lending Module)
   Byte (Lending Module)
   Mortgage Quest (Lending Module)
   Agent Office / Agent 2000 (Realtor Module)
   Top Producer 6i / 7i / 8i (Realtor Module)
   ACT 6.0! (Names, Addresses, Phones, Emails, Notes, Classifications)  - Optional Custom Import for additional cost....
Optional Modules Real Estate,


Business Builder

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