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  Client Service System

Client Service

14 Task Series using 35 Letters

Series Name Description
Buyer-Investor Home Finder Service This plan aims at servicing a Buyer or Investor until under contract, including: Get Buyer Employment Agreement signed, get loan pre-approval, send client lists of homes or get appointments to show, until contract is written, then apply Buyer Escrow Service Plan.
Escrow Service 
[Buyer New Build]
This plan monitors the New Construction Process from Contracting until Completion.

Escrow Service 

This plan monitors the entire escrow process from Contract Acceptance until Close of Escrow.

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Escrow Service 
This plan monitors the escrow process from Contracting to Closing on behalf of the seller. After Closing, apply appropriate Seller follow-up plan.
Escrow Service 
[Seller-Buyer-Double Dip]
This plan monitors the entire escrow process, Representing both buyer and seller with letters and tasks affecting both. Some tasks are 'individualized' for either side, and some tasks apply to both. After closing, apply appropriate follow-up plans to both parties.
[Previous Year Clients]
This is a recycling plan and must begin on January 1. Intent: create classification of past year's clients, send them a letter in mid-January, including their settlement statement for their real estate transaction(s) of the previous year as a service to give to their tax preparer, and a reminder during the Christmas holiday season to begin this plan again for the next year.
Follow-up After Sale 
Various follow-up communications to buyer for three years after closing, in addition to any other ongoing communications, i.e. newsletters, phone calls, etc.
Follow-up After Sale 
[Not My Buyer]
As listing agent, I have demonstrated exceptional service. The buyer, represented by another agent , may notice. The first letter explains that they may never hear from their agent again. If so, I'm here for them. Also, if they don't want to hear from me again, let me know, and they're deleted.
Follow-up After Sale 
[Seller In Town]
Three year follow-up system, whether or not you represented the seller in their purchase.
Follow-up After Sale 
[Seller Left Town]
If you want to stay in contact, apply the SELLER IN TOWN plan.
Listing Service - Before MLS 
[Paint Up-Fix Up Time]
Pre-MLS: Get listing signed, begin marketing as an "exclusive" while seller is in paint-up, fix-up mode. Possibly sell it yourself, saving seller MLS hassles, and double-dip the commission. Consider a lowered total commission during this period--more commission for you and less cost to the seller. If SOLD during this period, apply SELLER ESCROW PLAN. If not, apply MLS LISTING SERVICE PLAN.
Listing Service - In MLS Apply this plan if an MLS Listing.
Listing Service - Land Land listing service until contracting.
Listing Service - Not MLS - Exclusive Exclusive listing service plan until contracting-NO MLS!

Price: $99.00

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