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Call Capture

The Call Capture Process:

Each day the Call Capture machine will wait for calls….
When a call comes in, the computer will pick-up on the 3rd Ring
Caller ID information is Sent by the Telephone Company between the 1st and 2nd Ring.
Call Capture software will record who the caller is (if it is known)
Use the Internet to Cross-Reference phone numbers.
It will welcome the listener to the Home Buyers Hotline and ask the listener for a 4 digit Property ID Number.
When the caller enters the property number, they will hear a detailed recorded message about the property.
Press (7) to hear Realtor BIO or (8) for Message from Lender.
The listener has the option to listen to other messages, leave a message or exit.
When the listener hangs-up then the machine will wait for the next call.

Call Capture - Specification List:

Uses Local Access Lines or a 1-800 Number with rollover.
Hardware/Software to handle up to 4 in-bound phone lines.
Each in-bound call is Caller-ID'd and logged for cross-referencing.
Caller receives verbal prompts to help navigate through choices.
Each advertised listing is given an ID Number to be selected by touch-tone.
After selecting the correct ID Number, the Call Capture software would play a pre-recorded description of the property.
After hearing about the property, the Caller can choose from the following:

  • Hear about another property
  • Repeat the property description
  • Receive a Faxed Flyer
  • Leave a message
  • Hang-up

The log file contains the Caller-ID number that can be cross-referenced from a phone number search program to obtain the Name and Address information of the caller.
Information from the lookup can be duplicate checked and placed in the Mark-It Advantage Client Database for letters, cards, envelopes or labels.

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