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Mark-It Announcer
Mark-It Announcer is a personal marketing system. It enables you to leave a personal voice message on virtually every residential answering machine and voice mail box in your market.

This system has none of the negatives associated with telemarketing. It is very direct and personal, and is of such high quality, the recipient of the message assumes you dialed their phone and left them a personal voice message. In fact, that's just what you are doing, only you are doing it to thousands of homes each day! This is not is simply marketing with an extraordinary new tool! It's "Personal Marketing!"

Mark-It Announcer is fully computerized, yet very human. The message you leave is very warm, friendly, and is in fact left by a voice of your business. Absolutely nothing will indicate to the recipients of the message that it was digitally recorded, or that the initial call was placed by the computerized Announcer system!

Imagine all your existing customers coming home tonight, checking their home answering machine or voice mail, and you've left them a message like...

"Hi, this is Sally Smith, sorry I missed you. I was just calling to wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year. If you know of anyone buying or selling a home this next year, please give them my name and number, as you know, referrals are the life blood of my business. Once again, sorry I missed you... Happy Holidays!" .... Click


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who will the system call?

A. That's determined by you. Using the residential prefixes of your market, you determine the geographic area into which calls are placed. Phone prefixes in most instances follow a general geographic area within a market. You can program your system to call every phone number within 100 or more prefixes, or as few as one prefix. You can also import a database you might already have, and Announcer will only call the numbers within that database if you wish.

Q. What happens if someone is home and answers the phone when Announcer places the call?

A. There are two options here, so take your choice. First, Announcer will immediately disconnect the line when the phone is "live answered". This will normally occur before the person answering can get the phone to his or her ear and say "hello". Your second option is to have a pre-recorded message which is only transmitted to phones which are "live answered". This can be a selling message (which we do not recommend for marketing reasons) or it can be as simple as a polite "Oh, sorry, I dialed a wrong number".

Q. Will Announcer recall numbers which were live answered in an attempt to reach that person's answering machine?

A. Yes...but not right away. We assume if someone is home and answering the phone, they will still be there, and still answer the phone even if we call later that same day. Announcer will try again, but on a different day, and at a different time of day than the original attempt.

Q. Will calls we place show up on Caller ID?

A. Only if you wish to...but your system is programmed to not identify your company as the fact you will not register on Caller ID unless you wish to.

Q. What happens if Announcer calls a phone which is busy?

A. The system treats this call much like a live will attempt the number again, but on a different day and at a different time. 

Q. How does Announcer build it's own database?

A. First you provide your system the prefixes you wish to place calls into. Next, Announcer will determine all of the working and the nonworking phone numbers within each of those prefixes. Non working numbers are automatically deleted from the database so that you won't waste time attempting to call a nonworking number. At the same time, Announcer is identifying all phone numbers which are connected to a fax machine, a modem, etc. These are also deleted, however, the fax machine numbers are stored for you in case you wish to have a fax machine database! Your database building process can even eliminate homes which do not have an answering machine.

Q. How many answering machines will we be able to leave a message on?

A. That's unlimited. Of course, not every home has an answering machine...but the vast majority do. Announcer leaves messages not only on answering machines, but also voice mail as well!

Q. Out of the total attempted calls, how many will successfully leave a message on an answering machine and/or voice mail?

A. That depends on the days of week you allow your system to place calls, the time of day calls are attempted, and even the time of year. During Summer months, when school is out, you will have a higher number of "live answers" than you will during the school year. This will average 30-40% when school is out of session and kids are home answering the phone. Your average of live answers will also increase if you attempt calls on weekends when more people are at home. The same thing occurs if you place calls in the evening. We specifically recommend calls be placed Monday- Friday, and between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm. This will yield the highest number of answering machine/voice mail "hits". This should average during summer months 40% of all attempts or more, and a far greater percentage when school is in session.

Q. Home many calls will Announcer attempt and complete per day?

A. You will average approximately 125 attempted calls (with 40% or higher reaching answering machines/voice mail) per hour per line. Using our standard 4-line system, this will be 500 calls per hour, and during an eight hour calling day, you will average about 4000 calls. When calls resume the next day, Announcer remembers where it left off the previous day, and continues the calling cycle.

Q. Are there long distance charges?

A. Not unless you direct Announcer to make calls to prefixes or area codes which incur long distance charges. We recommend to control costs only using prefixes which are non-toll calls from your local area. We'll be happy to help you determine this if you contact us.

Q. Will the system tell me how many calls it attempts, it completes, etc.?

A. At anytime Announcer will display a complete report to you...showing every number it attempted, and every number it left a message with. It will total these for you, and give you complete and accurate information as it's operating. By adding a printer, your system will easily print any reports you request. 

Q. How is the outgoing message recorded into Announcer? 

A. That is as simple as using any touch tone telephone. You'll be able to call your system anytime, and after entering your personal access number and password, the system prompts you to easily record your outgoing message. You can listen to it, record it again and again until it's perfect! You can also record multiple messages which are stored in your system. You can even designate specific message to be left on answering machines in specific areas. You'll be surprised by the ease of operation and the flexibility the system provides you!

Q. Do we have to have a computer expert on staff to operate the Announcer system?

A. No.. This system was designed so that even a person with virtually no computer experience can operate this system. If you can turn on a computer, and start a program from Windows, you can operate Announcer!

Q. Does the system have to be attended while operating?

A. No. This system is designed for hands-free operation. Once you tell it when and where to call (which is easy!), and then record your outbound're done! It requires no operator, no attending, it uses no labor's that complete and easy!

Q. Will we own our system?

A. Yes...however, there is a small annual fee to renew the software. This provides continued technical and marketing support.

Q. If there are updates, will we receive those?

A. Yes...any update which proves to provide new features or improved performance will be provided to each user.

Q. Is there technical support if we have a problem?

A. Yes...on a very rare occasion, you may encounter a problem. Just call us. The support is a part of your license to own and use this system. In addition, technicians can dial into your system for any diagnostic or repair purposes.

Q. How much space do we need for the system?

A. Your system appears to be a normal desk top tower style computer...comprising of the computer itself, keyboard, mouse, and video monitor. So the space required is the same as for the average desk top computer. You will however need to locate your system where the phone lines can be directly plugged into your system.

Q. Are there any legal considerations?

A. Yes....even though this system makes non-intrusive calls only to answering machines and voice mail, you must keep a list of anyone who calls you requesting not to be called again. 

Q. If someone does not wish to be called in the future, what do we do?

A. This system allows you in seconds to delete the phone number permanently of any person who might request that you not call them again. You are deleting his or her number from your database, that simple!

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